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Are you looking for child-friendly, inspiring piano lessons for your child aged 4+? Have you always dreamt of playing an instrument, of singing, or of re-learning an instrument you learnt as a child? Originally starting out as a school for the piano, we now offer lessons for a wide range of instruments as well as vocal and art courses.

We offer lessons for piano, guitar, violin, viola, flute, (recorder) and bassoon as well as for singing and conducting. A pre-school music education programme as well as a programme which gives your child the opportunity to try out a range of instruments, encourage interest in music from a very early age.  Our team of experienced teachers deliver lessons in 10+ languages.

The music school Philharmonika is recognised as a private teaching institute for vocational and university entrance preparation by the Berlin Senate Department of Education, Youth and Family and we have successfully prepared numerous students for their university entrances exams.

We offer piano, violin, guitar, bassoon, flute, (recorder) and singing lessons in our own teaching rooms at the music school Philharmonika. Courses in drawing, painting and graphic experiments complete our offer.

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